25 lb Red Wattle Pasture Pork Box


Pre-Order Red Wattle  pork box for early November pick-up.


25 lb Pork Boxes filled with all the cuts you need to make wonderful dishes as the weather turns cooler.

Pork Box includes:

8 lb Pork Chops (bone in or out)

5 lb Breakfast Sausage

5 lb Ground Pork

1 Roast 2-3lb

3 lb Cured Bacon

1lb Bratwurst


For a more customized experience consider purchasing a half or whole pig.


How are the pigs raised?
The pigs rotate throughout forest and pasture, foraging greens, grubs, dropped fruit, acorns and more along the way.  Along with forage, the pigs enjoy GMO Free grain from local farms in Oregon. We do not use any antibiotics or growth hormones.