Pasture Raised Whole Pork Deposit


Reserve now, next harvest date will be September 3rd at Crystal Creek


One of the ways that you can buy our pork is through whole and half-shares. 

Pork shares offer a savings over buying cuts at market and they allow you to work directly with the butcher. When you buy a whole or half pig, you end up paying two people: the butcher and the farm. We charge by the hanging weight, which is the weight of the animal after harvested. Butcher costs vary depending on how you have your share cut.


Whole  Pork Share $

Deposit: $200

Balance: based on hanging weight, minus deposit, plus harvest/butcher fees


Crystal Creek Fees

Butcher Fee 95. for whole hog

Cut/Wrap .70lb

Smoked/Cured 1.00lb



Pick-Up: at Crystal Creek Meat 


  • A whole share has about 120-140 lb of custom wrapped pork


  • We will send a final invoice after harvest date


How are the pigs raised?
The pigs rotate throughout forest and pasture, foraging greens, grubs, dropped fruit, acorns and more along the way.  Along with forage, the pigs enjoy GMO Free grain from local farms in Oregon. We do not use any antibiotics or growth hormones.