Pasture Raised Whole Pork Share - Deposit March 2022

Pasture Raised Whole Pork Share - Deposit March 2022


The next harvest is scheduled for March 2022.


What are the methods used to raise our red wattle pigs?
The pigs forage greens, grubs, dropped fruit, acorns, and more as they go through the woodland and field. The pigs eat GMO-free grain from local Oregon farms in addition to foraging. We don't utilize antibiotics or growth hormones in our animals.

(Half/Full) Shares
You can buy our pork in whole or half-shares.

Pork shares are less priced than market cuts and provide you direct access to the butcher. When you buy a whole or half pig, you wind up paying two people: the butcher and the farm. We charge by the animal's hanging weight, which is the weight of the animal after it has been harvested. The price of a butcher is determined by how your portion is chopped.

$ Pork Shares $100.0 as a deposit in 2022

Red Wattle Pork:
Hardiness, foraging activity, and a pleasant temperament are all characteristics of Red Wattle hogs.

Red Wattle pigs are frequently said to as the best-tasting pork in the world and a gourmet delicacy. The meat of Red Wattle pigs is known for being exceptionally tender, tasty, juicy, and lean. The meat has a beef-like flavor and texture and is red, rich, and well-marbled. It also has a slight sweetness to it.

This meat can be found on the menus of top-tier, fine-dining establishments around the country. Connoisseurs claim that red wattle meat is very delicious and delicate. We agree!